At essence bistro we believe what makes latin food great is the use of fresh produce. Working with the seasons in Ontario we get to capture the freshness using everything at its peak. The local bounty inspires us to reimagine latin fare and energizes our team to share our flavours with our guests.



Essence Bistro Concept

Authentic materials in the interior design are an analogy of what is happening in the Kitchen. Real ingredients personally chosen by the Chef in the Farm to table concept incorporated into this business vision. Where whole-hearted hospitality brings to life the art of gathering. And where feel good and taste good go hand in hand.

Essence Bistro brings together bold Latin American flavors, and Ontario’s diversity of food culture to create the quintessential Vaughan restaurant from environment to cuisine and vibe. Experience the dynamic energy, local ingredients, and natural beauty with us that defines what living in GTA is all about.

Essence Bistro Dining

Essence Bistro offers a complete dining experience for people looking to maintain good eating habits through a plant based diet and clean protein sourcing. We are all about flavour, farm to table concept, freshness and quality. We are your destination for rediscovering real food and serious flavour through a Latin-spired cuisine.

Our story starts with you. Right here. At our table. Welcome to Essence Bistro.

Essence Bistro Interior