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Essence Bistro

Chef, Vusal Talibzada

Essence Bistro evokes an eclectic vibe, with Mid-century driven furniture surrounded by earthy wall finishes, natural plants and noble metal-base lighting. Authentic materials in the interior design are the analogy of what is happening in the Kitchen. Our chef chooses selective and fresh ingredients every day, and the vibrant flavours are the embodiment in every dish. 

The facilities of the restaurant connect directly to our health and juice bar managed by holistic nutritionists that not only care about the importance of eating clean but also how to enhance our customers’ lives by inspiring a healthy lifestyle.

Chef Vusal Talibzada

With over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry in the most prestigious establishments in the world, and knowledge of several cuisines: European, Latin American, Mediterranean, French, Italian, Thai, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian, Chef Vusal brings you a world fusion experience.